Before I begin, you should know that yes, I was that shy child who read under a tree during recess. In the second grade, we were given the assignment of chronicling what we'd love to be when we grew up, and I scribbled over thirty spiral-bound pages full of ideas.  I wanted to be a mermaid (perhaps adulthood made one capable of this), an Olympic medalist, a fashion designer, and an astronaut, just to name a handful of the occupations therein. At the end of my little novella, I concluded that, considering how much I'd enjoyed the assignment, I should become a writer.  

Somehow that decision stuck.

After spending almost a quarter of a century in my home state of California, where I majored in Literary Journalism and Religious Studies at the University of California Irvine, I decided to take a chance on Australia. I now live in Sydney, where I'm continuing to explore my love of writing in all forms: copy, poetry, prose, daily to-do lists, tweets nobody reads, overthought Instagram captions, brainstorming sheets filled with the names of my future cats, etc. My interests range from ethical fashion and cruelty-free beauty to spirituality, art and pop culture, resulting in bizarre late-night research sprees (and quite an eclectic blog). 

My purpose in creating Ink & Moon is two-fold. First, I want to formally make my copywriting and editing services available to everyone on the hunt for a wordsmith to lend a hand (or second set of eyes, as the case may be). Second, I want to create a safe-haven, an inspirational hub, for those whose interests, desires, and fears resonate with my own. May we stand in solidarity and ignite dreams in one another. 

If you're keen to work with me, feel free to browse my portfolio samples, and check out my services page for more details on the copywriting and editing services I offer. For those who are here to connect outside the realm of business, take a peek at my blog and find me on social media

Thank you for taking the time to visit my cosy corner of the Internet. My wish for this website is that it would be a place where you feel comfortable to embody your most authentic self -- whether you're the type that might have joined me in reading under that tree at recess or would have started an uprising near the swings. 

With love,

Julia K. McAlpine

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May my words enchant
& your dreams manifest