Redefining Your "Best Self"

Image via Pinterest

If you'd asked me to picture my "best self" in high school, the image I'd conjure could only be possible through plastic surgery, a sudden growth spurt, and the acquisition of talents not mine to possess in this lifetime. My best self wouldn't need to rest, struggle with emotions, or deal with rejection. She'd be "perfect" in the most unrealistic of ways. And she'd look nothing like me.

This is the first year where, as we approach January 1,  I don't feel like setting goals meant to transform myself into different person. I certainly want to better myself, push myself, learn and grow, but I don't feel the pressure to somehow finish 2016 as an unrecognisable version of myself.

Over the last year, I learned that we're capable of far more than we realise, but we still have to work with the limitations on our plate. I will not wake up as tall as T-Swift no matter what I do, but I can push aside fears and work through blocks to reach other goals fit for me. I won't miraculously transform into an extroverted gal or love crowds, but I can work on fostering meaningful connections that inspire and won't drain me. 

When I think of picturing my best self now, I see myself, as I am, but with healthy habits, the right dose of motivation, and the freedom to enjoy both adventures and down time. My best self would love herself enough to rest when she needs to rest, set aside time to devour books (free of guilt!), and nourish her body with a diet that still includes muffins on the regular.

My best self is simply me, awake to my dreams and priorities, with the creative dial cranked up and lots of love to give.